How to Make a Homemade Squirrel Trap Bucket

Make squirrel tap at home

Making a homemade squirrel trap using a bucket is a relatively simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create one:

Materials Needed:

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  1. A large bucket (5-gallon buckets work well)
  2. A sturdy wooden dowel or stick
  3. A wire or string
  4. A piece of bait (nuts, seeds, peanut butter, etc.)
  5. Optional: A ramp (such as a wooden plank) to help the squirrel climb into the bucket


  1. Prepare the Bucket: Start by selecting a sturdy bucket. Drill two small holes across from each other near the top rim of the bucket. These holes will be used to hold the wooden dowel or stick.
  2. Set Up the Trigger: Take the wooden dowel or stick and push it through the holes drilled in the bucket. Make sure it’s placed horizontally across the top of the bucket and can spin freely.
  3. Attach the Bait: Tie the bait securely to the center of the wooden dowel or stick. Peanut butter works well because it’s sticky and won’t easily fall off.
  4. Set the Trap: Prop up the bucket on a ledge or a stand where squirrels frequent. If you have a ramp, place it against the bucket to help the squirrel climb up. Make sure the bucket is stable and won’t tip over easily.
  5. Wait for the Squirrel: When a squirrel climbs onto the ledge and tries to reach the bait, its weight will make the dowel or stick spin. As a result, the squirrel will lose its balance and fall into the bucket.
  6. Release or Relocate the Squirrel: Once you’ve caught a squirrel, you can choose to release it elsewhere or relocate it away from your property. Make sure to handle the squirrel carefully to avoid injury to yourself or the animal.

Remember to check the trap regularly, especially in extreme weather conditions, to ensure the squirrel’s well-being. Additionally, be aware of any local regulations regarding trapping and releasing wildlife in your area.

You can also watch the video about making a homemade squirrel trap using a bucket

Video Credits : Hand me down Outdoors

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